Possession (or belonging) is commonly shown with a possessive noun or pronoun.  

A POSSESSIVE NOUN is formed by adding an apostrophe and often (but not always) the letter s.

You always add “apostrophe + s”. . .

The book belongs to John. → That is John’s book.
the tail belonging to the fox → the fox’s tail
the grades belonging to the class → the class’s grade
the backpack belonging to Gus → Gus’s backpack

the bus’s passenger
. . . except for with plurals that end in s—and then you add just apostrophe:

the car belonging to the Joneses (the Jones family) → the Joneses’ car
the grades belonging to all the classes → all the classes’ grades
The two buses’ drivers were both skillful.

To remember how to form a possessive noun, you can sing this song:


POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS do not use apostrophes to show possession.

Here’s the list of possessive pronouns:
mine                         my
yours                        your
his/hers/its           his/her/its
ours                         our
theirs                      their

Does this book belong to Paula and Juan? Yes, it is theirs [NOT their’s].

The difference between it’s and its:

  • It’s is a contraction of it is or it has.

    It’s a lovely day.
    It’s been fun.

  • Its is possessive pronoun.

    The dog wagged its tail.

The difference between who’s and whose:

  • Who’s is a contraction of who is or who has.

    Who is the luckiest guy in the world → Who’s the luckiest guy in the world?
    Who has been to Florida? → Who’s been to Florida?

  • Whose is an interrogative pronoun (a pronoun that asks a question).

    Whose book is this?

You might find an apostrophe with a possessive pronoun, but only if the pronoun is part of a contraction.

My dog has a green collar.
Yeah, but mine’s* got a green leash.                           *mine has

My dog has a high IQ.
Yeah, but mine’s* smarter.                                            *mine is

For practice, here are a few online quizzes:
Apostrophes Quiz (hard)
Using the apostrophe

About the author:

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