We hope everyone is staying safe during this challenging time. Smart Alec is here to help and support our communities as much as we can!

The cancellations and changes in our schools due to COVID-19 are disruptive and difficult for all families.

During this time, online and virtual tutoring is the safe, effective approach to maintaining enthusiastic, engaged, and successful learning. Many schools are planning to allow remote learning, but not all teachers are trained with virtual teaching methods. Smart Alec tutors are highly trained for online tutoring and equipped with all the right tools for your child’s success.

Smart Alec wants to support New York City families during this time by offering a 25% discount on all virtual tutoring lessons.  Apply the code “25ONLINE” to apply to any session booked online between Monday March 16th and Tuesday March 31st*.   Plus earn free session when you refer a friend.

Click here to book a lesson.

If you have any other questions or need a tutor recommendation, please contact us at tutoring@smartalec.com.

*Discount cannot be applied after the lesson has already been booked.

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